Zack Glenn

Tampa 2018

As a second generation photographer, photography has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Before my path lead me to wedding photography I worked in commercial sales, selling consulting services for trash and recycling to Fortune 100 companies.  The job was exciting, high stress, but not rewarding in the slightest.  After almost five years into my career, I decided to leave it all to pursue a career in wedding photography.

Leveraging my background in sales, on a portfolio of only three weddings, I managed to book 20 weddings in my second year, from there I booked 43 the following year. I now photograph 70-80 weddings annually in two markets, plus destination weddings.

An often overlooked part of wedding and portrait photography sales is the area between a couple arriving at your “digital doorstep” and getting the contract signed. While sales can carry a stigma and lack the thrill found with a new piece of gear or article on technique, without a strong sales game, everything else becomes moot.

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