Sarah Eddy

Savannah 2019

Sarahdipity Photos launched in 2010 with the dream to capture the beautiful moments of life. As a portrait and wedding photographer Sarah is located in Jacksonville, FL but has captured weddings in 18 different states of the USA and be hired internationally for photography. Throughout the years the vision changed a time or two but the overall dream has never changed. “Being able to find beauty and capture it is a true joy, no matter the occasion. I believe in raw beauty rather than staged perfection. I commit to capture the beautiful, raw, and real moments of life.”

About the Presentation

Lecture Topic: The Mindset Behind The Hustle

Strengths and Weaknesses – Motivation vs. Discipline
  • As creative entrepreneurs we tap into our strengths naturally, expounding on our weaknesses is the tough park.
  • Take minute to write down 3 strengths and 5 weaknesses. As business owners we need to know these strengths and weaknesses.
  • Examples, strengths/weaknesses: Photographing, Client Interaction, Business Mind, Writing, Numbers and Figures, Editing, Outsourcing, Social Media, Emails – What one of us sees as a strength someone else struggles with a weakness. Let’s talk business for a minute. Throughout this workshop I believe most everyone has had 2 thoughts “Such a great idea, I need to do “this”.” Or they have thought “Oh I’m great in that area, I already implement that.” So once again, strengths and weaknesses.
  • As a creative, an entrepreneur, and natural a hustler, I realized I am a highly motivated, driven person. Yet with this realization, I realized I am not disciplined, motivation and drive are the motor behind my hustle. Motivation can be emotionally based. When business is great I’m on a mountaintop knocking business out. When the lows of life come it’s easier to sleep a little longer, take a sick day or just put cruise control on without having the discipline to hustle and find a routine. I love being a free spirit, creating my schedule a little different every week. After 9 years as a full-time photographer, I just realized my choice of lifestyle is actually crippling my free spirit. To truly live more free I need discipline, I need deadlines no matter the season. It’s once I realized this I learned to delegate. I learned my strengths and weaknesses. I realized busy work for me such as basic lightroom editing wasn’t worth my “time”. I was able to crunch numbers to realize hiring an editor was actually making me money. Sometimes it takes spending money and creating the discipline to make money and to live a more free life.
  • Now I’m sure some of you are saying “I already do that. I’m great in that area.” Good for you! That’s awesome. So now I need everyone to take a step back, go back to your strengths and weaknesses. Let’s think through how we can run better businesses rather than run busy lives. We weren’t meant to do this alone. None of the top companies are successful from one person doing everything. To know your weakness is actually a strength.
  • Tap into your strengths. Dream a little. Don’t be boxed in. Think outside of the box.


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