Ryan Brenizer

Tampa 2018

Named by American Photo and Rangefinder magazines as one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World, Ryan Brenizer has photographed more than 500 weddings in four continents.Ryan has twice been selected to be the sole independent photographer covering the U.S. presidential candidates the last time they meet in person before the election. Due to photography he has been stared down by Muhammad Ali, blessed by the Pope, and had his work featured in a retrospective of Smokey Robinson’s life at the Kennedy Center. As a photographer constantly seeking to refine and simplify the use of complicated techniques, a panoramic shallow depth-of-field process he discovered and popularized has been named the “Brenizer method” after him, which greatly amuses other members of the Brenizer family.

About the Presentation

“With more than 20 years in the industry and more than 1,000 weddings documented between us, we have learned innumerable lessons as we’ve watched trends, fads, and photography businesses come and go. And the secret weapon is this: Staying engaged and excited with your work. When your business is you and your work requires simply the best you can do, every time, this is crucial. But what seems like simple a matter of attitude or disposition is actually a series of choices and best practices anyone can apply to their own business. Some of these lessons have been learned very much the hard way, but we have seen them pay off in creating short-term inspiration and long-term stamina as a business.”

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