Robert & Tiffany

Savannah 2019

We’re Robert and Tiffany, two inspired artists and the husband and wife team behind Rustic White Photography. We simply adore what we do, the people we work with, and the transformative beauty of this remarkable craft. We believe that, ultimately, our art is service – and that serving others inherently nourishes the soul. And so from initial consultation to post-production details, we devote ourselves wholeheartedly to mirroring and celebrating the love we see in our amazing clients.

With a romantic and playful sensibility, we seek to coax out and capture effortless laughs, beautiful color palettes and gorgeous, seasonal light, inviting our subjects to relish in the experience of a session as much as the images that follow.  We’re endlessly inspired by the simple pleasure of shooting, and in awe of the stories that photographs can tell.

About the Presentation

Lecture Topic: How to Craft a Successful Styled Shoot

Over the last few years Robert and I have been a part of numerous styled shoots. These collaborations can elevate your portfolio, push your creative boundaries, grow your network, and build industry relationships. We will share the logistics of creating a successful & rewarding styled shoot, and how we have used these shoots to build our portfolio & shape our brand.

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