Gian Carlo

Tampa 2018

I have been photographing snaps of my own life ever since I can remember and much before I knew how to “properly” use a camera. When I look at old pictures, I’m always surprised by how they transport me to a specific moment in my life. I can almost remember exactly how I felt at that time. I used to think I took those pictures to remind me of those moments. But, I learned that those pictures remind me of the amazing adventure my life has been.

I believe it is in our nature to celebrate love and life in ways that capture the emotion, the passion, the raw and true nature of our beings. We want to celebrate, cry, laugh, share, and toast for a brighter future.

I have always been drawn to journalistic and street photography because of the stories, the emotions and its perfect timing. They often break the standards of how we see and experience life and the world around us. I am drawn to little imperfections. I love the raw and the real. I love the mess and chaos. I love uncontrollable laughter as well as tears. I love slightly uncomfortable silent moments and glances people share.

These are the things that inspire me and I try to bring it into my wedding photography often. I want to tell stories that celebrate life and love in a way that feels genuine, emotional, and vulnerable. For the past 4 years, I have been photographing other people’s lives and I can only hope that my photographs will also someday remind them of the amazing adventure their life has been.

About the Presentation

I will lecture on how to document the best wedding of your life. The cultivated exploration of self & how it will impact your craft.

For most of us, when we begin our journeys as wedding photographers, inspiration comes easy. We are inspired because everything is new and amazing. During this time, we create our identities as wedding photographers. We develop our style, and embrace the adventure of being an artist and entrepreneur.

However, as time passes, we become busy with all the demands of running a business. We have little time to spend looking for inspiration, things are not as new anymore and we are not inspired as we were before. We often are committed to a style of shooting and editing and we are more afraid of change and tend to stay in our comfort zone.

There have been many points in my short career as a wedding photographer where I too have been at similar creative crossroads. I want to share my journey of how I went from feeling uninspired, unsure, and at best, like a pretty good copycat photographer. I want to show you how I recreated my voice as a wedding photographer at the mid-way point of my career and how it not only transformed my work, but also my career and business.


plus…Live Shoot/ Edit

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