Elizabeth Golden

Tampa 2018

I am an international wedding photographer. I feel that photography is my true calling in life. I absolutely love what I do and feel incredibly privileged when I am asked to be a part of a couple’s most important moments.

My father, a photographer by profession, made sure that while growing up, I was comfortable on both sides of the camera. In doing so, he awakened a gift within me that enables me to
capture a unique perspective of a subject in a photograph. It is for this reason that I developed a love of photography, art and architecture and I decided to follow in my father’s
footsteps to become a professional photographer.

My passion for art drives me to defy the boring and create memorable, timeless and interesting images for those that I photograph. My true love of artistic expressions in photography comes from capturing the beautiful emotion and energy within human relationships: love, joy, tenderness, and passion.

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The qualifications of being a wedding photographer.     More to come……

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