Douglas Polle

Tampa 2018

This sounds cliche but I truly value the experiences in my life. The more I try to step out of my shoes and examine my own life, the more I learn how important those good memories are. And at the root of those memories are the people I share them with.

Somewhere within all of that lies my obsession. I try to find a balance with photography that dictates how often I shoot. Sometimes I live moments through my eyes, But having a camera often helps me connect to a moment even deeper. So I usually take a camera with me every where I go.

This is my passion, and my full time job, but I’m not here for the money. It’s really important to me that I put my heart and soul Into what im doing and I’ll never sacrifice that for anything.

I have been published and won awards, but I dont care. This isn’t the satisfaction I strive for. My gratification comes from my art, and when my clients tell me they love their pictures, I feel like I have purpose.

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