Christina Devictor

Savannah 2019

Christina DeVictor is a photographer and entrepreneur based primarily in Atlanta, Georgia. She began her photography business Someplace Wild® six years ago after a year-long adventure across the world. Her journey clarified one thing: that she was called to document the world in a timeless, artful way with an intentional focus on human connection. Christina’s images reflect her intense commitment to her craft, deep love for people and strong desire to provide a refined professional experience.

While photography is her main focus, Christina’s background is in marketing and business. She owns two other businesses and constantly jumps between the diverse roles. When she isn’t working, you can find her dreaming about the future alongside her filmmaker husband Tony and their two aussie-doodles, Rosie and June.

About the Presentation

Lecture Topic: “In it for the Money”

“The Science of Running a Wedding Photography Business”
There seems to be a rat-race of photographers competing with each other. Using the same-presets, copying the same pricing guides styles, shooting the same photographs. This isn’t how businesses were intended to be run. Businesses were created to solve a need—to identify a problem. The reason your business isn’t leading you where you want it to go is because it has poor direction.
You need to pivot away from what the industry is saying you should do and instead create solutions that nobody else is solving.
Instead of complaining about market saturation, you should focus your energy on creating systems, workflow, and direction that the industry currently isn’t heading. You can create a culture around your business—but to do that, you need to start by running an individual business that doesn’t look or operate like anyone else’s.

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