Bud Johnson
Bud Johnson Photography

Savannah 2019

Bud Johnson is a wedding and portrait photographer headquartered in Savannah, Georgia. Bud is an experienced entrepreneur and businessman, owning and operating two additional businesses within the wedding industry. Bud emphasizes authentic and intimate connections with not only his wedding clients, but every other vendor in the industry. Because he relentlessly cares for every person he meets, he’s able to capture those raw moments of joy and love, most people keep guarded or hidden. Bud relies on the Leica systems to bring a unique and purposeful look to his photography, and loves to tell people about it. Bud describes himself as a family man first and foremost – he’s madly in love with his wife and three children, with number 4 on the way!

About the Presentation

Lecture Topic: How to start a photography business in a brand new city
I’ve only lived in Savannah, GA for 16 months. Before moving to Savannah, I knew one person who lived here. No friends, no family, no church, no school, no prior visit or childhood dream of being here. We simply heard there was a market, knew it was warmer weather, and decided to make it happen. Our third visit (6th day, in total) we bought a house and started the process to build a business here in Savannah. And it’s been amazing.
I’ll take you step by step how our studio started with absolutely nothing, made a portfolio, booked clients remotely, and started a business in a brand new city. We’ll cover:
Using social media to efficiently target future clients.
How to help the local wedding community, and authentically make friends in the industry.
Top 10 marketing tips to get your first inquiry today.
Breaking down the process of switching from a side business to a thriving business.
If you’ve ever wanted to start fresh in a new city, or simply jump start your business where you’re at – this is the presentation for you.

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