Ben Hartley
Six Figure Photography

Tampa 2018

Ben Hartley is an international award winning wedding photographer and commercial videographer. His work has been featured on Creative Live, Fearless Photographers, The Today Show, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan and countless blogs. Ben is owner of Style & Story Creative based in Columbus, OH where he photographs weddings with his three other full-time photographers. In addition to shooting, Ben is the host of the weekly Six Figure Photography Podcast to help inspire, empower & challenge photographers towards creating a life of abundance in joy, meaning & profits.


About the Presentation

“How To Stand Out In A Sea of Photographers”

You will walk away with the freedom to never have to worry about the new photographer that just opened up down the street, having been equipped with the exact understanding of what it takes to stand out in this ever growing photography industry.
Ben will dive deep into that the business model that no one ever talks in 2017 and address the self-limiting beliefs that accompany it head-on.
It’s simply not enough to have great work. Great work is expected.


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