Kelley Raye

Savannah 2019

Kelley Raye is a Lifestyle + Wedding Photographer based in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA. Her work has been featured in People, Elle, InStyle, Huffington Post, Bustle, & ENews. Her photography portfolio includes fan favorites like Meghan Markle, and Nicole Richie. For Kelley, storytelling is about more than just the what, it’s about the why as well. She shoots with feeling in mind. Vibe, mood, essence, aura, whatever you call it, that’s what she aims to capture every time. And if it involves adventure, female empowerment or lattes, she’s all in.

About the Presentation

Lecture Topic: Rolling With the Punches

Being a creative is awesome, but being a creative entrepreneur can be like riding a never-ending roller coaster ride that wont even slow down long enough for you to even think about jumping off. Despite the appearance of your favorite instagram account, owning a photography business is not always a cake walk. During this presentation, we’ll chat about best practices for overcoming obstacles such as working with bad apples, combating high expectations, surviving boredom and even how to gracefully handle plain old mistakes, human errors and f* ups.


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