Featured Photographer: Elizabeth Golden

Featured Photographer: Elizabeth Golden



My name is Liz, and I am an international wedding photographer based out of Northeast Florida. I feel that photography is my true calling in life. I absolutely love what I do and feel incredibly privileged when I am asked to be a part of a couple’s most important moments.

My father, a photographer by profession, made sure that while growing up, I was comfortable on both sides of the camera. In doing so, he awakened a gift within me that enables me to capture a unique perspective of a subject in a photograph. It is for this reason that I developed a love of photography, art and architecture and I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps to become a professional photographer.

My passion for art drives me to defy the boring and create memorable, timeless and interesting images for those that I photograph. My true love of artistic expressions in photography comes from capturing the beautiful emotion and energy within human relationships: love, joy, tenderness, and passion.


1. Which lens do you use most of the time?

My go to lens is definitely the 35mm. I love being able to get wide and/or close without lens distortion.


2. How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t shooting weddings?

Besides editing?! Ha! My husband and I love to travel, workout, cook and karaoke!


3. What is your favorite part of photographing a wedding?

The moment I capture something raw and real. Many times that happens during the getting ready portion of the day or the ceremony.


4. What would you do if you weren’t a wedding photographer?

This is a tough question. I have a masters degree in counseling psychology but I don’t think I would be happy if I wasn’t able to express myself creatively. In a dream world, Director of Photography for Warner Brothers.


5. Who do you respect – in photography or elsewhere ?

Also a tough question… I could name so many amazingly talented photographers and otherwise just awesome human beings… The first that came to mind were Lanny and Erika with Two Mann Studios. I had the privilege of attending their workshop this past April and you will never meet more talented, humble and incredible people.

6. Where do you see your business in 5 years?

I hope to expand by having another full-time shooter and a studio. Weddings is definitely my passion so I would surely still be focusing on that as well.

photos by J’adore Studios

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